45 Replies to “‘Labyrinth’ Fans Want Tilda Swinton to Replace David Bowie as Jareth in ‘Labyrinth 2’”

  1. There is no replacing Bowie. So, I think a female in the role would be easier for me to get into.

  2. There’s no replacing Bowie but unfortunately he’s not around anymore and she’s great so yes

  3. Uuummmmm no! I mean she is a great actress but the Goblin King was a male not female. Are they going to make Sarah a boy?? I mean why are you trying to change something so great. Also it wouldn’t be a sequel if all of a sudden the Goblin King was the Goblin Queen. I mean unless there are going to do something bout the Goblin Kong’s heir now that would be cool.

  4. I think shes a fantastic choice. Noone will ever be like Bowie…but she does have very Bowie esq vibes going on…..bowie was Male but extelrwmley feminine also….tilda is female but masculine too….love it x

  5. Instead of a Goblin King, it’s a Goblin Queen. A Sith Lord always looking for an apprentice. 😉

  6. She could be the goblin queen, I think she would be perfect, she wierd and wonderful just like David was 🥰

  7. An iconic film leave it there
    No need for a floppy sequel to destroy the original

  8. Only if they focus the story on Toby. So many years on, if they gender swap one main character, the other should be too. If equality is actually to be seen.

  9. No we don’t actually…the sequel should center on Toby, like the comics, and leave Jareth out if it

  10. Can we just not? No David Bowie and no Jim Henson. The only hope this could possibly have is Gates McFadden coming back to do the choreography.

  11. Who is going to replace Terry Jones or Jim Henson though, please tell me it falls through & the magic isn’t tarnished.

  12. What made the original so good was the music written and performed by Bowie. Tilda can’t sing. 🙁 Lol

  13. Where do they find these fans? Is there Somme magical poll that goes out that only certain people get? Because not one fan I personally know wants this.

  14. Tilda is Brilliant…she is perfect her past performances in many films…androgynous perfect..as was Bowie in many of his music videos…

  15. I want some of the profit you movie peeps get for getting this kind of intel for the movie. 🤔🤔🤣🤣. But ya for real. It would be a get move.

  16. I would rather they did not do it all!!! No one! NO ONE !!!!! Can replace David Bowie!

  17. I’m sorry, it will be very hard to just replace David Bowie. I am very skeptical about this…

  18. The guy from Flight of the Concorde does a perfect Bowie impersonation. That said, this is a movie that does NOT need a sequel.

  19. Here we F@#king Go Again!?…Replacing a Male role with a Female!… The whole thing is Doomed anyway. No one I can think of could recreate David Bowie’s performance… It’s just a money grab.

  20. This movie is going to just kill me. Either it’s going to be sideways great like Return to Oz or it’s going to be just awful like Transformers

  21. I don’t really want a Labyrinth sequel, but I would definitely feel better about it if Tilda Swinton took the role.

  22. This Labyrinth fan prefers no sequel. Bowie is gone. He was the movie. Leave it alone.

  23. Errr… No, no we don’t want David Bowie replaced by anyone… Originally, it was mentioned that the sequel would NOT include Jareth at all, and I find THAT to be acceptable!

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