5 Replies to “‘Suicide Squad’ Ayer Cut Talks Rumored to Be Happening for HBO Max”

  1. Is hbo just going to rerelease every dc movie people thought could have been better?

  2. This is kinda legit as WB controversially hired an advertising company to cut the movie..and while some aspects of the film are probably irredeemable, there were so many obvious problems that were pure editing errors that a new cut is, creatively at least, justifiable.


  3. This i will see over the JL snyder cut coz all the joker scenes were cut from the original cut

  4. I’m glad they’re doing these because both directors got screwed. I’m not sure what would be more painful for the exec’s at this point: both movies still suck and the re-release is a waste or both are actually good and they realize they destroyed an entire cinematic universe by sabotaging themselves.

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