8 Replies to “‘Spider-Man’: The Real Reason Andrew Garfield Was Replaced By Tom Holland Revealed In Leaked Email”

  1. Too many reasons, most notably for not being able to pass for a teenager.

  2. Honestly never watched any of his because I was still upset about Toby McGuire. Holland only got a shot because he was part of the MCU.

  3. I was against them rebooting Spider Man. But I gave the first movie with Garfield in the role a shot. To my surprise I found that I liked that he brought a certain edgy feeling to the character.

  4. I had read on a few movie news sites that he was difficult to work with. You’ll notice that he hasn’t been in any movies for the last so many years (any notable ones anyway). Lots of rising stars fall very quickly when they grow too big an ego. It happened to Katherine Heigle and to Alex Pettyfer (both noted to be unqualified divas) Andrew was in some pretty good high profile indie movies before his big break as Spider-Man. Unfortunately both of his Spider-Man films did suck so that doesn’t help.

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