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    Obi-Wan still keeps by the Jedi code, preserving PEACE and LIFE, so he’d never kill thousands of people, he’d also NEVER kill Anakin- exactly why he let’s Anakin kill HIM. Also, for the record, during the that fight, Luke, Leia, Han, C3PO, R2D2 and Chewy are all busy just watching them and shooting Stormtroopers, with how fast the lightsaber would fall through to the core, they wouldn’t have all had time to get to the ship and off the Death Star

  2. A shaky foundation for a Rick and Morty episode which has a long history of basing all of their ideas in reality 😅 They deactivate when dropped and they don’t instantly melt their way through everything.

  3. Love the humour of the joke but this could never happen. As is when the try to get through just a door they have to hold it for awhile to melt the metal. Vader would have been able to stop it instantly.

  4. I know Ric and morty brought this up but I have always thought this but for me it was more like if u dropped it just horizontal the impact of the blade would force it thru the ground and had an argument where I was told that George Lucas had said that if the lightsaber isn’t in a hand it won’t work. Of course then it become robot hand etc etc

  5. Once the hand is off the hilt the on switch is released and there’s no power on, safety feature built in check phantom menace when Qui-Gon was fighting Darth maul and lost his lightsaber the only time I like sabers dropped they always go off

  6. So i saw this in R&M apart from the grip or emitter being wider than the blade the closer you get to the core the sum of external things that would be happening to the emitter it would be destroyed.

  7. Assuming the lightsaber stays on and actually melts the metal wide enough for the hilt to slip through, it would be instantly grabbed by Vader using the force. Also it would move slow based on the blast door scene in episode 1.

  8. Why do I feel like this definitely didn’t exist before the season finale of Rick and Morty last week?? 😂 At least wait a few more hours before blatantly ripping off someone else’s joke next time (edit – I was incorrect in saying this)

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  10. If you watch any scene with the landing dock, the floor to which everything is pulled runs across the sphere rather than parallels the surface. Therefore, the dominant “gravitational” force is not the natural gravity of matter as that would normally pull inward as the greater mass would typically be on the opposite side of the sphere. (Not to mention, the hollow station has significantly less matter than a solid moon of its size so the natural gravitational force is probably negligible). The Death Star must have an artificial attraction mechanism (likely similar to tractor beam technology) imbalanced to one part of the sphere to create the “down” force into a cross-sectional floor. Thus, this would only destroy the core if Obi-wan was directly “above” the core (I.e., the core was between him and the “gravity” source). However, this scene clearly takes place next to the hangar bay which is clearly next to the surface lateral to the center, so (even if it cut through) the light saber would, at most, cut through a couple of floors before cutting out the side and into open space.

  11. All it needs is a frame of Vader in the hanger bay frantically pressing the button on his FOB while exclaiming “Oh where did I park, where did I park!!!” With lights on a distant tie fighter.


  12. It wouldn’t cut very fast at least not fast enough for it to do any real damage before vader stuck down obi-wan. Also, vader could’ve controlled obi-wan’s lightaber with the force when he let go of it. If obi-wan did this while hiding inside the millennium falcon for many hours or days it may have worked.

  13. I dreamt of this. Expect the lightsaber button got jammed and it was flung from my hand in a dual. It was slicing through the decks, but we were in an ALIEN Hive infestation and the slime nest wall caught the thing (can’t cut through those….)
    And the Queen ALIEN grabbed a hold of it….
    My Jedi Master wasn’t pleased…
    For a Padiwan was I still…

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