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  1. I can’t believe so many people are now suddenly desperate and invested in saving a sinking ship. Name a single DC movie that was canon to Zack Snyder’s launching point that wasn’t completely mediocre (by the way, that one movie was Suicide Squad). I have no problem that Gunn is cancelling future projects for a terrible franchise to begin with. Maybe we can finally get some real consistency between movies. And please, no more libertarian Superman. He’s a hero, not a god.

  2. I don’t understand why people are so marvel vs DC

    Why can’t we all just want well written films from both of them

    As long as there smart enough to make sure they don’t clash in release time most superhero fans would see both

  3. The best thing for both universe is worthy competition, with both having strong cinematic universe’s they will have no choice but to top each other and the possibilities are endless. I would rather be hyped about watching both vs worry about one or the other.

  4. This is the impression I got when Wheadon’s Justice League happened… and why we ended up with that sham WW1984. As in it followed the tone of JW’s JL.

    Think DC would be doing well had Snyder’s cut happened first.

  5. I don’t understand why people are so mad about Gunn wanting to start fresh. When more things didn’t work than things did work, you don’t keep building on flawed foundations, you build something from scratch. The DCEU tried to reinvent itself 2 or 3 times and failed to the point where the Arrowverse is more consistent and of better overall quality storytelling wise.

  6. This meme is becoming trend lately lol but its almost pathetic why would marvel/feige/gunn try to sink an already sinking ship, the Snyder cult should calm down and let Gunn do his work, if he succeeds then good if not then continue crying on the internet

  7. Give ONE script of his choosing and I’m sure Grant Morrison would make a great DC movie, to rebound on. FFS, Doom Patrol and Animal are prime examples of DCs vast pool. I’m a Marvel fan but I’d pay to see Grants take

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