13 Replies to “Avatar: The Way Of Water Writers Reveal Why It Was Split Into Two Movies”

  1. Somehow, the more I read about the live action Space Smurfs, the less I want to see it.

    “Set a decade after the original, we follow John Smith and Pocahontas as they now have a family” ….. Oh.

    All this talk about “world building” makes it sound like it would be a very cool open world video game.

    In fact, a video game based on the various terrains and life forms on Pandora would be pretty cool.

    The focus sure seems heavy on “it’s already made half a billion dollars* in it’s first week”

    *2022 dollars. 3D tickets were like $15 back in 2009, now regular tickets are $18 to $20

    Box office numbers are always misleading because selling two tickets for 20 bucks is more impressive than selling one ticket for 20 bucks, that’s how real success needs to be measured: tickets sold.

    Cameron is a creative genius but the constant ego stroking given by the media is repulsive.

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