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  1. They’re rich kids with nothing to do. They land in some remote spot next to some unsuspecting soul whom no one is ever going to believe and strut up and down making “beep beep” noises

  2. If we have to resket back to crime and violence, we won’t have Nigel and Timothykins ripping off our wealth as a nation. When it comes il cry gears of joy, then go an parade the border for days straight

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Let’s fly to “E A R T H” and look at the primordial humans.
    It’s a shame they still haven’t realized that there is only 1 difference in their species
    Wetter it comes with an “INNIE” or an “OUTIE”

  4. Probably can’t make it to other planets as a civilization with capitalism and billionaires. There is a great filter theory about there being no aliens on space ships. It’s possible intelligent life creates markets to trade their capital to expand technologically and increase standard of living, for awhile, like we have. Eventually the tools and systems they (or we) use to advance end up consuming their planet and make them go backwards due to personal greed and wars over what’s left. Survival is best achieved through community in a species, this is proven. But when we become intelligent at amassing resources in a civilization we hoard things because it helps us get mates. Our biological wiring and the wiring of intelligent aliens may be similar in that we eventually make ourselves go extinct before we visit other civilizations with ships, all because of successfully developing the ability to hoard resources versus living in animal communities mediated by nature where we/they can’t do that.

  5. I think this meme is actually totally backwards. Any aliens visiting Earth would be counted as billionaires in our terms, but they may be some of the poorest in their civilizations.

    Just look at our own history. The richest king who lived in some of the wealthier countries back in the day 500 or 1,000 years ago didn’t have nearly the same standard of living that the lower middle class today have. Those kings who lived a thousand years ago lived in drafty cold castles in the winter and with no A/C in hot climates, had zero access to medical technology that hadn’t been invented yet, and suffered other hardships that most of us don’t have. Their average life expectancy was lower than ours. This was true no matter how much gold and gems and silk they had.

    When one of us has to go get medical care and (in certain countries) can’t pay for it, they may have steep medical bills, but hundreds of years ago they simply would have died young.

  6. They are archiologists of the future going back in time to observe history.There are no aliens from other planets. They are us from a parallel time. We are the only planet with life in all of space.

  7. If they are billionaires from another planet they are investing their time and resources in the wrong asset 🤷. It is better for them to start looking elsewhere otherwise they are going to end bankrupt 🤷

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