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  1. They have an ever-growing list of assassination methods that have failed. It starts with routine items like shooting, poison and bomb but gets more exotic as it grows. Dragon fire has just failed so they are seriously considering the nuclear option.

  2. I would actually give that a try and I’m not even a Superman fan. I like the concept but that’s something that wouldn’t run for more than 2 or 3 seasons before it got tired

  3. Warning spoiler alert for a very similar scenario in the comic books of the 70’s (Action comics 409) : One time in the comics Superman had a multipersonality disorder. His second character hated Clark Kent and planned to kill him with bombs, etc. But without succes. 🙂

  4. Hahahahahahha! Nice Try SciFi Imaginarium. I don’t think the alphabet agencies are going to be giving away “liquidation” methods to general public anytime soon.

  5. Sorta like Weekend at Bernie’s and how the assassin trying to kill Bernie has a mental breakdown at the end because he can’t understand why he’s not dead.

  6. The comic did something like that in the 1960s. Aliens came to destroy Superman and decided to harm his best friend Clark Kent, but kept failing.

  7. there’s something similar in the comics where superman stood in for bruce wayne (since they look nearly identical when out of costume) to survive an assassination attempt from deathstroke. long story short: dreathstroke thinks bruce wayne is some ridiculously powerful meta human now

  8. I’d love to see that. And, make them panic whenever they see Superman come out the room or general area that Clark Kent was in just a few seconds earlier, because they’re afraid he’ll understand what they were trying to do.
    And at the end of the movie, they try explaining to their boss that Superman’s interference is why they couldn’t get the job done.

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