Spoiler alert for X-Men ’97

In episode 9 of “X-Men ’97,” Wolverine endures a harrowing ordeal as Magneto strips the adamantium from his skeleton, mirroring the iconic “Fatal Attractions” storyline from Marvel Comics. This dramatic moment is pivotal, potentially altering Wolverine’s capabilities and appearance in the series.

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13 Replies to “Spoiler alert for X-Men ’97”

  1. I’m enjoying the series, but the writing is basically using the comics’ plot points like cameos. Such as, remember Madelyn Pryor? Here she is. The Goblin Queen? Okay. Magneto pulling the adamantium out of Wolverine? There you go. Next!

  2. That’s not even the worst thing he’s survived. One time he was reduced to just a skeleton and came back from that. There’s probably better examples out there but I haven’t read that many comics. I mean, if he could survive his skeleton being bonded with adamantium, naturally he should be able to survive it being removed from him.

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