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  1. What’s really funny is anti-skip wasn’t exactly as it said, it was a read ahead memory buffer that would store around 30 seconds of the song so the laser can have enough time to re-track when it loses its position.

  2. I remember when discman came out the worst part it didn’t fit in your pocket so I had to put mine in my waist band and to listen to anything other then one CD I had to choose from over 200 cds I had and carry them loosely in my back pocket I didn’t carry a bag very often only to school so needless to say its the last thing i want to remember or go see in a museum

  3. Technology timeline is heaps shorter/quicker.
    For instance, I am using an iPhone 5 (no doubt, a museum piece now) for this. Thus, saving myself 10 lots of wasting money to keep up with The Jones’s
    I soon will not be able to use it as a phone soon because of 3G/early 4G shutting down and that is not the phones fault is it now.

  4. And not even a very old disc man. Looks like they just found a random one in a closet somewhere and put it on display. You could get the Sony sport disc man by the mid 90s. And there were battery operated portable CD players by the late 80s. Bulky but disc man form factor. Kind of a 💩 museum.imho. By 2002 there were portable mini disc players which were much better for sports.

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