37 Replies to “Despite negative reviews, Jennifer Lopez’s “Atlas” becomes a hit on Netflix. The sci-fi thriller captivates audiences with its engaging storyline and Lopez’s performance.”

  1. I have a hard time with JLo as an action star.
    I saw her in The Mother, it was painful to watch. Sad script as well.
    I had hoped it would be good as it was partly shot in my town.

  2. I thought she was great!. I prefer her as an actor rather than a singer. But her hair drove me nuts! Hated it. What in the name of a hairdressers nightmare was that!?😬😬

  3. It feels like a pilot for a Video game. it feels like you are getting the backstory to a video game’s hero. It was a fun movie, pretty pradictable where it was going to go, and it went right where you think it was going, BUT it was a fun ride getting there. is it going to win any awards? yeah, no. but was it fun to watch, hell yeah.

  4. This picture has drama, comedy and action. And also something that most movies don’t have today, a story line. I like it a lot and I believe JLo did an awesome job. So yes, go ahead and crucify me. But I enjoy it a lot and will recommend it as an awesome movie.

  5. It was complete garbage! Not a single ounce of even half believable science in the story line, JLo’s acting (if you can call it that) was awful and it relied entirely too much on special effects to compensate for its complete lack of depth, substance or complexity. Totally predictable and dead f**king boring. I laughed at only one joke through the whole thing and spent the rest of my time shaking my head at what an appalling waste of time it was to watch.

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