13 Replies to “Simon Kinberg addresses the origin problems in the “Star Trek” Kelvinverse, highlighting the challenges faced in aligning with the established canon. His insights offer a deeper understanding of the franchise’s complexities.”

  1. Star Trek 2009 was an origin story. Now they want to make an origin to an origin. Ridiculous.
    Star Wars had the prequels. Now the Acolyte is a Prequel to the Prequels. This is why people are done with this nonsense.
    Nothing goes forward. And if it rarely does, it turns out to be crap.

  2. This is Simon “Dark Phoenix” Kinberg we’re talking about. The origins of *both* universes is already well established. Last thing Trek needs is a Crisis on Infinite Earths meltdown via Kinberg.

  3. Abrams doesn’t understand THEME at all. His stories say nothing, ask nothing, demonstrate nothing, and explore nothing of human importance.
    They are just a series of plot beats.

    That’s why smarter people aren’t very impressed with his work. You might not be used to thinking about theme and probably zoned out in Lit classes in HS, but that’s the issue at hand.

  4. There is nothing wrong with the origin story we see in First Contact. I think we’re all craving some new material, not a retread of what we already know. Do a DS9 movie, a Voyager movie, do a new crew on a new ship. Engage some imagination and give us something fresh.

  5. The 2009 film was the…”origin”

    We saw the beginnings of that timeline’s characters, and were introduced to them as such

    The only way backwards from that is…apocryphal

    The 1980’s and early 1990’s had those “[Insert Franchise] Babies” cartoons

    ….is “that” the plan? Because in 2009, we saw how Kirk and Spock joined Starfleet, and assailed to their destinies (along with the rest of the crew)


    “Star Trek: Babies”

    It is then

  6. The reason the Kelvin films don’t totally infuriate me is that Spock (Nimoy’s version) is a bridge between the two timelines and as such that actually works. And is pretty clever. This article says it straight out. The potential stories this new origin story aims for were already covered in First Contact and/or Enterprise. I don’t like all this talk of “wiping out” previously existing material. Hell of a lot easier to wipe out one movie that is ill-conceived. Having said that, there are gaps in the existing Prime (original) timeline that are in the past and stories could be set there. If you want the Kelvin bit, then by all means set if after Beyond and let’s check in with those folks. I was vehemently opposed to recasting back then and they all turned out to be terrific. Pine et al are an alternate take on the whole franchise for me and that’s fine for some fun popcorn movies which are what these are. LLAP!

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