24 Replies to ““Mad Max: The Wasteland” may be on hold due to the lackluster box office performance of “Furiosa.” This development has raised concerns among fans about the future of the franchise.”

  1. The backstory for Furiosa was needed to make Fury Road make sense as to why we should care about her actions in the film without increasing the length of the movie with doing flashbacks. Overall I liked Furiosa…

  2. I don’t get this failure. Felt like all the elements were present for this to be a successful project. I saw it opening night and loved it.
    Dune 2 and this release were exciting me about theatrical releases again. I’m clearly not the expert.

  3. Furiosa was a really good movie. Box office sales shouldn’t make or break a franchise anymore since tons of people wait for it to come to streaming services now anyway.

  4. I think most people just don’t want to/can’t afford to spend 40-60 dollars at the movies. I say give it a chance on whatever platform it comes out on.

  5. U should concern yourself on the future of cinema… people in general do not flock to theaters like they use to, it’s expensive, too much streaming, plus its more fun having a beer 🍺 with friends than sitting in a theater

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