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  1. I have McCreedy’s action figure in the shelf under our TV. My grand daughter’s friend pointed at him one day and asked “Why do you have a BUFF JESUS on display?”

    Now Kurt will forever be known as BUFF JESUS!

  2. I’ve watched The Thing dozens of times, and I can’t recall a single thing that indicates anything to do with Christmas. Is there snow, sure. But where the story is set, there’s ALWAYS SNOW.

  3. I want to see a Christmas chronicles / the thing crossover now more than ever

    Loads of elves as things and Santa has to fight them off with toys and brave the cold

    Yeah sign me up

  4. The Thing was so out of there at the time and never thought of as a Christmas Movie unless of ‘cause what your really trying to say is Father Christmas is a human eating alien from thousands of years ago who just happened to end up at the North Pole.
    However, from a personal perspective I have a lot more happy memories associated with seeing The Thing 😁🎅🏻

  5. I prefer the original. Yes, the walking plant is ridiculous. But it’s such a charming old film, I find I can forgive a lot from that period. Besides, I’ve no stomach for the gore of the – admittedly brilliant – remake.

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