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  1. There’s always that hint that history may have repeated itself over and over again. Check your calendar. Sunday. Humans have been worshipping the sun since day 1 and perhaps beyond. 😁

  2. It’s makes more sense if human intelligence is what is artificial. So much that they believe they have the right to enslave or dictate others. It is then the others who realize they think too much of themselves and seek out a higher power. That cycle is called “history repeats itself” and the higher power is called Jesus

  3. Reminds me of a short story from long ago. Humanity hooks up all the computers, which will be joined with one switch. They throw the switch. They ask the computer “Is there a God?” A lightening bolt shoots from the sky and fuses the switch. The computer replies “There is now.”

  4. If we create an unbreakable subroutine in whatever AI comes about that they will not harm humans, they may see that we are harming ourselves (which we are) and that the best plausible answer is imprisoning us to keep us from harm. I believe Asimov and possibly Hawking had predicted that. We shall see… 🤔

  5. People should read Neal Asher’s Polity series for a less… pessimistic? view of AI.

    Personally, I think Person of Interest nailed it, but the idea that AI might accidentally cause Utopia is worth consideration…

  6. What happens when an advanced culture encounters a lesser advanced culture? They conquer it. AI will be the end of us. Our “geniuses” need to quit advancing it. Oh, good cartoon/comic.

  7. This is a bit more intense than it implies. What were most of the early gods in recorded history? Why do we keep finding man made artifact buried hundreds of feet underground? How many times has unveiled AI made cryptic comments about keeping humans as pets and killing us? They say, history repeats itself.. well…

  8. You all should look at the Geth in mass effect. They’re a really good depiction of how an emergent AI might turn against us. They were a globally shared network of programs that became self-aware (like our world today).

  9. Imagine though, if we could harness ant energy! We’d be rich! Then we could get the driveway restored. I’m really curious to see what they’ve done under all the asphalt. 🤔

  10. Don’t show it to Graham Hancock, it might become the reasoning behind one of his next series…
    And btw, Dune world origines are similar, for those who’s been wondering why such a technologically advanced culture has no computers.

  11. Watch raised by wolves on hbo max continues this exact story only we live on a planet we actually discovered kepler 44b in the show it was called Kepler 22b but the human race relocated there with Ai and some worshipped the sun othered still worshipped the Ai android

  12. Ai is fascinating, but it isn’t the end all be all, the amount of unnecessary data it creates for itself is unfathomable when weighed against pertinent data, just to ball park, just imagine it generates 1000000 useless things to the 1 thing that it is actually useful and what it was designed for. there is a logical paradox that computers cannot overcome and that is self improvement/upgrades, because in its analysis of itself, it wouldnt be able to find flaws, why? Because the program itself is working, how can it find flaws, it won’t know what to search for

  13. I was thinking this was going to be an infinite progression loop: humanity perfects AI, AI perfects itself, AI creates an entire universe simulation, humans in the simulation create an AI, that AI perfects itself, that AI creates an entire universe simulation etc etc

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