21 Replies to “She-Hulk Comic Writer Firmly Shuts Down MCU Show Accuracy Criticism”

  1. I hate to break it to you, but it is a work of fiction. She-Hulk is not real but a figment of somebody’s imagination, it is all made up in a secret fantasy world inside their head.

  2. This was one the most fun MCU shows I have seen. I loathe reruns but I had to watch it a second time with my wife, and without question I will watch it again. I hope for a second season.

  3. It doesn’t matter if it’s accurate or not, if the writing is terrible it’s not going to work. Aside from the bad CGI, etc, it could have been successful possibly with a lot more re-writes, but then again it is tailored for Disney’s family/kids audience, although Nickelodeon made much better shows. Disney is milking the MCU for all it’s worth, knowing people will pay for the streaming service anyway, so whether it’s a good show or not doesn’t really affect their profit margins.

  4. Even when the comics were all the rage, her own book was more serious than that more often than not, and the character of She-Hulk in other books, like Fantastic Four and Avengers, was mostly a traditional hero and not a comedy trope in a costume. I personally always hated the weird comedy aspects, but I like the character. There’s a point where it becomes too much, and this show crossed that line very early on and never found a way back, and that’s unfortunate. It could have been a good show. As it was it’s nearly unwatchable.

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