29 Replies to “Explaining Why The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Hate Disappeared”

  1. The thing with the prequels was Lucas. His storytelling method had not matured since ’77. Remember? He left blanks that intrigued and hooked fans for DECADES. You can’t do that with a prequel. What IMHO he failed to understand and others have succeeded (when writing prequels) it’s all about the journey NOT the destination.

  2. The first movie its really a story about how a politician can get the power to be a dictator, it is boring if you are a kid or teenager but comes with all sense as an adult, you understand that in history is a well done way to get the full power of a nation and become the emperor. You see it with other eyes.

  3. The Prequels told a story that needed to be told, albeit badly.
    The *Sequel Travesty*, on the other hand was and remains completely unnecessary, and that’s not even beginning to count all its other issues.

  4. They aren’t good , even kids movies have decent scripts, these didn’t, hence the acting suffers . George Lucas isn’t a great director or screen play writer and the best film Empire Strikes Back was directed and screenplay done by others , hence better movie .

  5. The hatred a) did *not* dissappear and b) has been suppressed by the house of mouse paying people to say good things about it . Once they owned the franchise, dissent was no longer allowed

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