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  1. I never did like that, when they take something mystical in a film and make it mundane. Bloody Highlander did it too in the second movie, “Oh, we’re actually just aliens from the planet Zog”

  2. Just because theres a physical representation of the force in the microverse, that doesn’t negate the mystical nature of it. In our world there are still countless microbial and cellular formations, as well as atomic level interactions that scientists have yet to identify or categorise. The whole midichlorian thing never particularly bothered me.

  3. Thing I like most about posts like this is the arrogance of ” fans ” telling a Writer how his story should go.
    The midichlorians were Lucas’s idea, his continuation of the Story HE WROTE.
    So many people here criticising it, bagging him and his idea out.
    And people wonder why he sold his baby to Disney in the first place.
    It wasn’t for money, he’s not lacking money. To quote Lucas himself ” Its not fun anymore.”
    Because no matter what he did, the ” fans ” were on him about it…So he quit. Driven out of his own universe by a fandom gone toxic. The first if its kind, but the begetters of many more Toxic fandoms to come.
    Congratulations to all those fans, you got what you wanted, and then hated what you got.
    I find the karmic equilibrium both hilarious and gratifying.
    I regret i never got to see the original authors vision for his story, but the Schadenfreude i feel watching these toxic idiots destroy every fanbase they interact with is at least something.🤷‍♂️

  4. Fun fact: midiclorians have been Star Wars canon for longer than the Force was just a mystery (1977-1999 vs 1999-2023). It doesn’t make it right, but I’m almost ready to let it go.

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