“Madame Web,” starring Dakota Johnson, has surprisingly topped Netflix charts despite its underwhelming performance at the box office. This turn of events has caught many Marvel fans off guard, as discussed on FandomWire, highlighting how streaming platforms can offer a second life to films that initially struggle in theaters.

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47 Replies to ““Madame Web,” starring Dakota Johnson, has surprisingly topped Netflix charts despite its underwhelming performance at the box office. This turn of events has caught many Marvel fans off guard, as discussed on FandomWire, highlighting how streaming platforms can offer a second life to films that initially struggle in theaters.”

  1. Maybe everybody’s like me and didn’t want to see it in the theater so we waited to watch it on Netflix. If I know it’s going to be horrible I’d rather just wait for it to be on streaming.

  2. Netflix number 1 doesn’t really mean much, are people watching the entire movie or switching off halfway through, I’ve seen lots of movie flops go on Netflix and go to number 1 for a day or 2 and then disappear without a trace

  3. That goes with any film (or show). You wouldn’t pay to see something at a theater, but if you’re already paying for the app, some are curious. I’m not at all, but if it floats yer boat, go for it.

  4. It’s because there’s no loss of money because it’s part of your subscription. They heard how bad it was and wanted to see just how bad, just like when people heard how bad Plan 9 from outer space was

  5. It wasn’t that terrible. I’ve seen worse. Once it got going it was OK, I watched it all they way through which is more than I can say for some. I don’t think she was necessarily right for the part, but she got better as it went.

  6. It didn’t make much sense to me. I don’t read comics, don’t know much about the spiderverse. I went into it expecting something like spider man. Disappointed.

  7. like many b movies, people don’t want to spend the cash at the cinema when a few weeks later they’ll get it on the streaming they are already paying for

  8. Its simple, nobody wanted to pay to specifically watch this movie but everybody was curious to see how bad it really is so being able to watch it at no extra charge on Netflix to see if it’s as bad as everybody says is tempting

  9. People are willing to watch a mediocre movie on a streaming platform but not take a family at $15 per ticket plus concessions to see it in the theater. Plus, with all the negative reviews, it is the train wreck effect. People will tune in to see if it is so bad it is good.

  10. People are not going to pay to see a dumpster fire in the theater. Lol BUT… they’ll be perfectly happy to watch the train wreck in their own homes. I can’t bring myself to do it yet. lol

  11. I couldn’t get through it. Too many silly scenes. I turned it off after the 3 girls apparently leave a fire they apparently make in the woods for no apparent reason.

  12. We don’t go to the theater anymore. We all have big screens, theater quality sound, and plenty of snacks at home now. Maybe an occasional IMAX presentation. Other than that, it our comfy homes. We are sick of paying $50+ to take our families to the movie theater.

  13. I saw it in the theater and thought it was pretty good. I have Regal Unlimited and can watch as many movies as I want, as many times as I want, for $21.99 a month.

  14. People don’t want to go to the cinema. I certainly won’t go to the cinema again after the last few bad experiences. I wait for films on streaming or dvd.

  15. Good picture quality at home, watch at your convenience, no bother with (expensive) tickets and transportation, your own selection of food, snacks and what to drink, and, perhaps most notably: no noisy movie goers glued to their smartphones!

  16. so people will watch something that is free with their already paid subscription but won’t pay any real money for it.. not really a ringing endorsement — more like well we have nothing else to watch oh look something that I’m willing to watch for free or sleep through.. netflix… LOL

  17. Tried watching it could even finish it. Even my daughter was making fun of it. Can we talk about how the paramedics in there want to give EVERYONE chest compressions but then do them like they’re bored to do them?

  18. There aren’t a lot of new offerings in the genre right now. Some people are going to watch it even if it is terrible (haven’t seen it yet). There’s a difference between paying to go to see it in theaters and watching it on Netflix because I’m already caught up in my other shows.

  19. People preferred realizing how boring that movie was at home rather than at the theater? Big surprise, I watched it at home too but it no way kept my attention and I did other things. Now I am mad the statistic is being used improperly.

  20. Like everybody else, I heard so many bad reviews while it was in theaters that I had to see for myself, and yes it was terrible! Streaming can give life to bad movies because it’s still an evenings entertainment on our own terms. 

  21. I kept hearing that it was the worst movie. It was terrible. No one likes this movie. I watched it. I liked it. I don’t get the hate poured on this movie.

  22. Hahahah I knew the movie would do horribly when the writers said she has no back story so they were free to do whatever they wanted. I guess they didn’t read the source material aka the comics. What away to pee on the backs of the fans 🙄

  23. No. What the issue is, has to do with:
    1. Watching it with other people.
    2. The size of the screen and what you do with it.
    You will never top cinema. Don’t even try it.

  24. Wife and I watched it last night. I went and got a shower halfway through, I came out and she was teaching CPR so I went and “Touched Grass”. My wife mentioned it was really boring.

  25. The family watched this last night and from 10 to 48 yr olds the 5 of us agreed, the worst part of the movie was the main character. There was not one redeeming quality in the character. The rest of the movie was pretty mediocre. Had the main character been likeable, even a little bit, it would’ve been at least OK.

  26. I watched it after all the bad reviews because I was curious. Instead of trying to be a movie critic (which I don’t get paid to do), I just watched it and tried to enjoy the movie. It’s called Madame Webb NOT Spider-Woman. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

  27. The idea that I’m expected to show up on some random weekend at a cinema in order for a movie to be “successful” is ridiculous.
    Life is far too demanding these days.
    $30 for a movie ticket and I can’t pause the show for bathroom breaks? I’d picked Netflix too.

  28. I just watched it on Netflix. I don’t think there was anything seriously wrong with Dakota Johnson’s performance. However, I did have issues with some illogical plot points. 1) Anyone who drove and wrecked ambulances like that would not be driving FDNY vehicles (and probably would not be employable as a paramedic). 2) How was she able to keep driving a stolen taxicab for so long, especially after parking it at JFK for a week?

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